Amanda Lopez

Amanda Lopez



Amanda Lopez is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Dance Therapist.
She served as a Crisis Counselor for ECISD for 4 years. With ECISD, she counseled “at- risk” students, and completed suicide risk assessments with students expressing suicidal ideations. Amanda served as a member of the crisis response team and provided Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for students and staff following the death of a student, teacher, or administrator. As an advocate for prioritizing mental health needs in our schools, Amanda voluntarily trained over 1,000 teachers and administrators on “Trauma-Informed Schools”.

Because Amanda is passionate about mental health education, and advocating for the needs of children, she recently became a presenter for the Between Two Homes’ Co-Parenting education classes. The classes are provided for parents involved in the Ector County family court. In this role, she educates parents on the mental health consequences that can result from a negative co-parenting relationship. Amanda also provides counseling services to adolescents on probation, and those staying at the Ector County Youth Detention Center.

Amanda is the Founder and Director of the Alliance for Grieving Children in Odessa. The Alliance provides peer support groups to grieving children, teens, and their parents free of charge. Amanda recruits and oversees volunteer counselors, without whom, the alliance wouldn’t be possible. Amanda has presented at local and national mental health conferences since 2015 about the utilization of the Expressive Arts and Dance Therapy in Grief Counseling and Complicated Grief Therapy. Amanda is a Certified Trainer and Practitioner for the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children, as well as a Nationally Certified Counselor, and an EMDR Therapist.

Amanda is a graduate of Antioch University New England, where she received a Dual Master’s Degree in Counseling and Dance/Movement Therapy. Amanda is also a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology.

Amanda recently opened her own boutique counseling office, Counseling Corner. The office provides dedicated, trauma-informed counseling for adolescents and adults through individual and group counseling, EMDR, and Dance Therapy.

Odessa Under 40 Honoree 2019
Hispanic Heritage of Odessa Educator of the Year in 2017
ECISD- Counselor of the Year from 2016-2017

2020 Vision: A New Energy