Nick Savage

The League



Executive Director - The League of Extraordinary Athletes Inc.
Innovator, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Sportspreneur, Former Student-Athlete

Nick Savage is a true modern day Renaissance Man! With Mr. Savage it is truly about the narrative not about the name. A technologist, entrepreneur, author, former athlete, a winning coach and inventor, this executive has crafted out a life as a Master of many trades. For example, as the inventor of The Savage Hill, a sports device product used by Texas teams and other elite organizations around the world, Mr. Savage has helped launched the lives of many in the performance training world. Through the The League Inc. and The League of Extraordinary Athletes has quietly transformed thousands around the area, region, nation and in some cases the world, through the transitions of the military and sports world by focusing on building dreams into realities and relevant leaders regardless of age.

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